Naked Trump statues are actually misogynist

  • 6. September 2016
  • By armin
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  • Naked Trump statues are actually misogynist

ExtraNewsfeed: Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Presidency.
Why those naked Trump statues are actually misogynist.

Last week naked Donald Trump statues appeared simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, and my own city of San Francisco. Instigated by the anarchist collective INDECLINE and dubbed The Emperor Has No Balls, images of the so-called satirical statue dominated both my news and social feeds the past several days, largely to the applause and approval of anti-Trump activists, liberal-leaning voters, and the politically level-headed. But in our zeal to unmask the grotesque caricature that is Donald Trump, we’re in danger of becoming an equally ugly mob of gleeful bullies. (…)


Keine Besonderen Schwerpunkte bei Faktum. Er schreibt über die Dinge, die ihn augenblicklich beschäftigen.

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